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Antenatal classes are a great way to prepare you and your partner for the birth and life with your baby.


Calm Birth&Baby interactive classes are designed to prepare you for the journey ahead, including pregnancy, birth, and life with baby. Classes will help you to make informed choices and answer your questions. ​


I have been teaching antenatal classes to parents-to-be  for 7 years and led many lectures targeted to student midwives and midwives on how to teach antenatal classes. My years of practical experience working on delivery suit, birth center, and community will bring the whole experience to life.

Expat midwife Geneva

Calm Birth & Baby offers 5 classes lasting  120 minutes each.

For parents whose baby is due very soon and who don't have the time to do the full course an option of Summarised Antenatal Classes, lasting 4 hours, is also available. 

All classes are taught in English. You can chose to have your classes one-to-one at the comfort of your home, on-line (zoom or skype) or in a group.

For Hypnobirthing classes please visit the KG Hypnobirhing page on this website.

 Your health insurance should reimburse 150 CHF  towards your antenatal classes 

Class 1: Empower yourself with knowledge

I will ask you to think about what you know already about labour and birth. How you feel about labour and birth,  how to recognise  a normal worry from an anxiety or depression. We will talk about the importance of being informed about pregnancy, labour and birth, so that you can make decisions about the care you would like and the type of birth you want.  We’ll also take a look at some of the normal changes during pregnancy that you can expect and give you tips on how to have a comfortable and healthy pregnancy.

  • Pregnancy and Covid-19

  • How do you feel about your pregnancy, labour and birth? What is anxiety

  • Why should you make decisions? 

  • Birth – normal life event 

  • Normal body changes in pregnancy - What is normal and what is not 

  • Exercising during pregnancy

  • Things to avoid in pregnancy 

Class 2: Planning your birth


This week, I will show you how to identify what you need at different stages of pregnancy and birth. 

You will see short videos on ways to birth, learn to know how labour has begun and some tips on how to relax in early labour. 

  • Where can I give birth?

  • Staying in control of your birth

  • Birthing partners 

  • When labour begins 

  • Breathing

  • Hypnobirthing 

  • Pelvic floor exercises

  • Physical activities 

  • Eating well 

Class 3: Managing early and established labour


This week, we’re talking about the hormones that start labour off and looking at some ideas such as hypnobirthing, relaxation and acupressure which could help you in labour. 

You will find out how fear works against labour, how to build your labour nest, and what things may help you to cope during labour. We will also cover birthing positions. 

  • The power of oxytocin and the importance of oxytocin in labour

  • The effect of fear on your natural birth

  • Keeping calm during labour

  • What things might help during labour

  • How labour progresses

  • The different types of positions you can labour in

  • How your baby’s heartbeat will be checked during labour

  • Types of birth

  • Pain relief options

  • Perineal massage

Class 4: Birthing your baby and staying positive

Last week we covered a lot of information about coping in labour, pain relief options, and some helpful movements and positions to keep labour going. 

This week, we will go through birthing positions and ways to avoid damaging your vagina during birth. I will be asking you to do some practice of preparing your birth environment, getting into different birthing positions, and breathing the baby’s head out. 

We will also discuss holding your baby skin to skin, why not cutting the cord too soon is good for the baby, and how the placenta or afterbirth is born. 

  • Show you some birthing positions

  • Show how to reduce the chances of having damage to the vagina during birth

  • Breathing the baby’s head out

  • Skin to skin

  • Cutting cord

  • Delivery of the placenta (3rd stage)

  • Induction of labour

  • Accelerating labour / Augmentation of labour

  • Keep positive

  • Keep active

  • Keep healthy

  • Any of those 4 classes cannot be booked individually as they are related to each other and would not make any sense if not followed in this order and together. 

  • Class 5 can be booked separately and individually as it is not related to the set of the first 4 classes

Class 5: Life with baby and how to have a pain free and successful breastfeeding experience


This session focuses on the postnatal period, what happens after your baby is delivered and the early days with baby.

This session also covers breastfeeding.   

  • Benefits of a skin to skin contact with your baby

  • Vitamin K

  • Nappy changing 

  • Responsive feeding

  • Bathing

  • Safe sleeping

  • Soothing baby

  • Knowing when your baby is unwell and your heath and wellbeing

  • What is colostrum 

  • When milk comes in

  • Common breastfeeding complications

  • Positioning and attachment

  • How to know that baby is having enough milk

  • Feeding in public 

  • Expressing and formula feeding

Summarised Antenatal Classes

2 classes, 4 hours in total. Suitable for parents to be whose baby is due very soon or are very busy and cannot do the full antenatal course.


Class one: 

  • Types of birth 

  • Role of a birthing partner 

  • When labour begins – sings of labour and when to come in

  • The role oxytocin plays in labour and the effect of fear

  • Keeping calm during labour

  • Coping strategies

  • What things might help during labour

  • Stages of labour

  •  Your labour preferences

  • How baby’s heartbeat is monitored during labour

  • Pelvic floor exercises

  • Optimal baby’s position


Class two:

  • Waters breaking

  • Movements and positions in labour

  • Pain relief options including an epidural

  • Perineal massage

  • Birthing positions for the pushing part of labour

  • Avoiding perineal damage

  • Birthing placenta

  • Practicing relaxation

  • Building your nest

  • Induction of labour

  • Things to pack and tips for birthing partners

One to one classes can be customised to your specific needs. For example if you don't have time to do the whole set and want to book only one 120 minutes sessions with me we can go over the most important points or I can answer your prepared questions and give you a handout to read in your own time.

For Hypnobirthing classes please visit the KG Hypnobirhing page on this website.

Antenatal Classes on Skype
Antenatal Classes on-line

For busy parents-to-be or for couples who live too far. 

Each session lasts approximately 120 minutes and can be customised to your specific needs.​ 

You can do the whole set of 5 sessions or chose the shortened 2 session programme or book class 5 only.

Prices per couple:

  • CHF 200  per session

  • CHF 780 for 4 sessions

  • CHF 950 for 5 sessions

or call  +41 78 331 7358
One-to-one antenatal classes
One-to-one Antenatal Classes at Your Home

If you and your partner prefer more personalised classes in the comfort of your home and the time which is convenient for both of you, the one-to-one classes might be the best option.

You can do the whole set of 5 sessions or chose the shortened 2 session programme or book class 5 only.

Each session lasts approximately 120 minutes and can be customised to your specific needs. 

Prices per couple:

  • CHF 230  per session

  • CHF 800 for 4 sessions

  • CHF  980for 5 sessions


or call  +41 78 331 7358
Group antenatal classes
Group Antenatal Classes

For mums-to-be and  couples who would like to meet other mums and  parents-to-be or would like to take an advantage of a cheaper price. Each session lasts 120 minutes, is held in Bernex, Geneva in English language.

New course  starts  first or second Saturday at 10am of every month if at least 2 mums or couples register. Maximum 4 couples.

Parking available. 

Price per couple: 

  • CHF 400 for 5 sessions 

or call  +41 78 331 7358

Appartment  Athanasi, 1st Floor, Route de Pré-Marais 41, 1233, Bernex, Genève, Switzerland

Tram 14 - stop Pré-Marais and  5 minutes walk to the class

Bus 47, 63, J, K, L - stop P&R Bernex

Bus S - stop Bernex Vuillonnex or stop Bernex P&R​

Bus 43 - Stop Confignon Bains de Cressy

Parking available on bay A 17 or visitors bays. 

“I have found the antenatal classes very helpful and informative, which has made me feel more prepared for labour and more confident about caring for my baby.” 


Donna J.

Expat midwife Geneva