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Antenatal classes are a great way to prepare you and your partner for the birth and life with your baby.


Calm Birth&Baby interactive classes are designed to prepare you for the journey ahead, including pregnancy, birth, and life with baby. Classes will help you to make informed choices and answer your questions. ​


I have been teaching antenatal classes to parents-to-be  for 7 years and led many lectures targeted to student midwives and midwives on how to teach antenatal classes. My years of practical experience working on delivery suit, birth center, and community will bring the whole experience to life.

Expat midwife Geneva

Calm Birth & Baby offers 4 classes lasting 90 minutes for one-to-one sessions and  120 minutes for group classes.

All classes are taught in English. You can chose to have your classes one-to-one at the comfort of your home, through skype or in a group.

Be aware that your health insurance company might not reimburse the 150 CHF contribution towards Calm Birth&Baby class fees.

Class 1: Healthy pregnancy and preparing for birth

We will explore the choices you have regarding where to have your baby, things to buy and what to pack for the birth.  This session will also explains the first signs of labour, when to go to the hospital/birthing centre, what to do in the early stages while you are still at home, stages of labour and pain relief options. We can also start writing your birth plan.


Class 2: Active birth


In this session, we will focus on relaxation techniques, breathing, massage, positions and how your partner can help. Induction of labour, assisted delivery, and Caesarean Section is also covered.


Class 3: Life with baby


This session focuses on the postnatal period. What happens after your baby is delivered, why do we offer a vitamin K to your baby, benefits of having skin to skin contact with your baby, nappy changing, responsive feeding, bathing, safe sleeping, looking after your baby at night, soothing baby, knowing when baby is unwell and your health and well-being.


Class 4: Breastfeeding


This session covers the importance of colostrum, when milk comes in, common breastfeeding complications, I will teach you how to position and attach baby to breast, how to know that baby is having enough milk, feeding in public, expressing and formula feeding.  


 You can pick and choose the session which interests you the most or you can do the whole set of 4 sessions. 


Antenatal Classes on Skype
Antenatal Classes on Skype

For busy parents-to-be or for couples who live too far. You can pick  the session which interests you the most or you can do the whole set of 5 sessions at your convinient time.

Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes.​ Available in English or Czech. 


  • CHF 80  per session

  • CHF 350 for 4 sessions

or call  +41 78 331 7358
One-to-one antenatal classes
One-to-one Antenatal Classes at Your Home

If you and your partner prefere more personalised classes in the comfort of your home and the time which is convenient for both of you, the one-to-one classes might be the best option.

You can do the whole set of 5 sessions or chose the session which interests you the most.

Each session lasts approximately 90 minutes. Available in English or Czech.


  • CHF 125  per session

  • CHF 450 for 4 sessions


or call  +41 78 331 7358
Group antenatal classes
Group Antenatal Classes

For mums-to-be and  couples who would like to meet other mums and  parents-to-be or would like to take an advantage of a cheaper price. Each session lasts 120 minutes, is held in Bernex, Geneva in English language.

New course  starts first Saturday of every other even month.

Parking available. 


  • CHF 250 for 4 sessions


or call  +41 78 331 7358

Appartment  Athanasi, 1st Floor, Route de Pré-Marais 41, 1233, Bernex, Genève, Switzerland

Tram 14 - stop P&R Bernex

Bus 47, 63, J, K, L - stop P&R Bernex

Bus S - stop Bernex Vuillonnex or stop Bernex P&R​

Bus 43 - Stop Confignon Bains de Cressy

Parking available on bay A 17 or visitors bays. Buggy can be left downstairs, please call me when you arrive and I will come down to help you with carrying your bags or baby. 

“I have found the antenatal classes very helpful and informative, which has made me feel more prepared for labour and more confident about caring for my baby.” 


Donna J.

Expat midwife Geneva