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Postnatal Support and Advice

Postnatal suppot and advice
Calm birth and baby
Calm birth and baby

The early days and weeks with a new baby can be one of the most rewarding but also the most challenging of times. There are suddenly so many changes this new little person brought into your life, including new things to do and learn and questions to find answers to.  It is the time when support, understanding, and help are essential.


I have had 11 years of experience as a midwife with new mothers and their newborn babies in a community setting as well as hospital.  Once your baby is born, I can visit you  to make sure that everything is going well and all your questions are answered based on up to date studies and research. 

If you have a basic LaMal Swiss insurance your insurance will cover upto 10 postnatal visits (16 if first baby, premature baby or baby was born by a Caesarean section) unto the first 56 days of baby's life. 

Postnatal visits include:

For Mum:

  • Assessing your health and mental wellbeing

  • Debriefing after birth

  • Perineal check (if stitches or episiotomy were required)

  • Removing stitches or staples after Caesarean Section

  • Teach you how to perform pelvic floor exercise

  • Discuss diet and exercise​

  • Advice on contraception and sex after having a baby

  • Checking for signs of deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

  •  Advice on medication and breastfeeding

  •  Advice on prevention of infection

For Baby:

  • Assessing baby’s health and vital signs

  • Newborn screening blood test (Guthrie test) 

  • Checking for any abnormalities or signs of infection

  • Assessing feeding

  • Weighing baby

  • Cord check

  • Advice on swaddling, bathing, cord care, nappy changing, carrying baby

  • Demonstration on how to prepare a bottle

  • Teach you how to hand express and use pump

  • Prevention of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

  • Responsive feeding

  • Checking latch

  • Answer any of your questions backed up by the latest research​

  • Additionally, as a lactation consultant, I can help you resolve  breastfeeding issues and help with positioning and attachment. For more complex feeding issues please go to 

Expat midwife Geneva
Postnatal support and advice
Postnatal Visit and Advice Home Visit

A home visit  for you and your baby. 

Your basic Swiss LaMal insurance will reimburse you 100% for  10 postnatal visits and up to 16 visits if it is your first baby, baby was born prematurely or you had a Caesarean Section. Your are also entitled to 3 visits by an IBCLC. 

For breastfeeding complications please  refer to a 

Postnatal support
Baby Sitting
(this service is provided by my 19 years old 
daughter Isabelle)

A home support  for families who feel tired and need a little break from their baby or their older children.  You can relax, take a bath, sleep or spend some uninterapted time with your partner or friends. However you decide to spend your time you can have a peace of mind that your baby and older children are safe. 


  • CHF 20 for one hour of baby sitting

Can be also purchursed as a gift voucher.

This service in not offered between midnight and 6 am. 

Support is also offered to families of breastfed babies.  However, your baby might not be happy to last for longer than 3 hours without a feed and therefore mum will need to be close by, unless you are happy for baby to receive expressed or artificial milk by bottle,  or finger-feeding. 

" My husband and I found the first few weeks very hard after our baby Thomas was born. The internet had so much conflicting information and we felt very confused. Mirka was amazing. She spend lots of time with us, checked Thomas, weight him, observed him feeding and answered all our questions."

Maria B.

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