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KG Hypnobirthing 

List of birthing centres in Switzerland

List of midwives in Geneva

Breastfeeding support La Leche League

Pregnancy support and midwives in Geneva, Arcades Sages-Femmes

Midwives of the Arcade accompany you on the path of parenting, from the beginning of your pregnancy to the first steps of your child (information, pregnancy follow-up, birth preparation, advice, loan of books, support groups before and after birth) ...

They welcome you to their premises (free and without appointment) on Mondays from 14h to 20h (from 17h especially dedicated to information around pregnancy); Tuesday to Friday from 14h to 17h and Saturday morning from 9h to 12h *


Providing independent support and information on maternity and birth choices. 

Evidence Based Birth

Their mission is to raise the quality of childbirth care globally, by putting accurate, evidence based research into the hands of families and communities, so they can make informed, empowered choices.

Dr Tatiana Giraud
Gynaecologist who specialises in breastfeeding

Dr Agnés Dahl Farhoumad
Paediatrician in Geneva 


+41 227359735

Cabinet de pédiatrie Rue Pedro-Meylan 1 Genève

Rue Pedro-Meylan 1
1208 Geneva

Nathalie Donnez

One of the very few midwives in Geneva who does home births. 

Aurelie Manuel

Doula and reflexologist

Elodie Grandjean-Moche

Chiropractor who works with tongue-tied and lip-tied babies.

Elodie is based in Bonneville, France, around 30 km from the centre of Geneva. 

Gaelle Dupin

Chiropractor who works with tongue-tied and lip-tied babies. Gaelle is based in Gex, France. 

Noémie Durand
Noémie has  done a training regarding tongue-tied babies. Noémie is based in Thonon-les-Bains, France. 35 km from the centre of Geneva

Dr Coralie Garnesson
Coralie is based in Geneva close to the HUG hospital. Coralie has lots of experience with babies with feeding difficulties and tongue-ties.

Emmanuel Cormier
Paediatric osteopath at Cruseilles, Haute-Savoie. Specialises in restrictive oral ties.

Marion Prevot
Chiropractor and doula
Marion works with babies and has done 2 training courses for buccal ties and tongue-ties. She can visit you and baby at home. For adults she has a clinic at Chambéry.

Luc Latapie


Marie-Anne Bardel

Speech therapist

Marie-Anne works with babies after frenotomy. 

Rebecca Wood

Parent-Infant Counselling,  psychological counsellor 

Drugs and breastfeeding

You can check if the medication you are using or are just about to start is safe for breastfeeding.


SuperMamans, a network of volunteers from French-speaking Switzerland, ready to support new mothers after their newcomer (s) arrive with a home-made and healthy meal as well as a discussion time.

Petit marche

BUY & SELL quality second-hand items for your children

Tiny Talk

Learn to sign with your baby and help them communicate before they speak.