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Obstetric emergency - Emergency for pregnant women

KG Hypnobirthing 

List of birthing centres in Switzerland

List of midwives in Geneva

Pregnancy support and midwives in Geneva, Arcades Sages-Femmes

Midwives of the Arcade accompany you on the path of parenting, from the beginning of your pregnancy to the first steps of your child (information, pregnancy follow-up, birth preparation, advice, loan of books, support groups before and after birth) ...

They welcome you to their premises (free and without appointment) on Mondays from 14h to 20h (from 17h especially dedicated to information around pregnancy); Tuesday to Friday from 14h to 17h and Saturday morning from 9h to 12h *

Support programme at HUG - Global accompaniment

The  HUG Maternity offers a comprehensive support programme to future mothers presenting no obstetrical risk in particular. The aim is to establish a close and trusted relationship with members of the medical team. From your first appointment to the moment you go back home, you are under the care of a group of midwives. A referent midwife is assigned to you. You will, therefore, be in a familiar environment, conducive to reduce apprehensions related to childbirth. This service is only for women who have no complications during pregnancy.

The midwives who are part of the comprehensive support programme are available 24/7.

Birth Plan discussion at HUG

The HUG Maternity provides you with the option to lay down in writing your wishes and expectations for the birth of your child. On the day, every effort is made to respect your wishes. But, changes to the birth plan sometimes occur for your safety and that of your child. The team of midwives remains available for a one-to-one consulta- tion throughout the pregnancy.

Swiss organisation for men and fathers

Courses for future fathers

HUG hospital and the Arcade Sage-femme also does antenatal courses for fathers. They are only in French.


Providing independent support and information on maternity and birth choices. 

Evidence Based Birth
Their mission is to raise the quality of childbirth care globally, by putting accurate, evidence based research into the hands of families and communities, so they can make informed, empowered choices.

Registration of birth

You have given birth 

Guide to the birth and your return home booklet written by HUG. Everything you need to know about the  first few days when coming home which baby. 

The birth and adoption allowance

 The birth and adoption allowance is a family allowance benefit which is a one-off payment to parents when a child is born or adopted.

Geneva has decided to grant this allowance to persons who are gainfully employed in the canton or who reside there. Whether for a birth or an adoption, it is always a one-off payment of CHF 2,000 and CHF 3,000 for the third and subsequent children.

Newborn screening test 

Guide to the Newborn screening test (also known under the name Guthrie test),  is a blood test your baby will have done on the 3rd or 4th day of his life. 

Breastfeeding support La Leche League

Contact a paediatrician

Contact your child’s future paediatrician as early as the end of the second trimester. When your child is born, book an appointment as soon as possible, but no later than the end of the first month.

To find a paediatrician:

Childcare solution

If you work and plan on having your child looked after at the end of your maternity leave? Nurseries and day-care centres are very much sought after. It is  recommend that you start registration formalities as early as possible (ideally after your 12 weeks scan). To enrol, contact your local council.

If you reside in Geneva:Geneva Infant Information Bureau (BIPE - Bureau d’Information Petite Enfance)

Is your child ill or is your usual childcare system (parent, nursery) not working? Do you have to go away unexpectedly? Le Chaperon Rouge takes over.

The guards ensure rapid interventions and are hired on an hourly basis and on demand. They are experienced, trained and employed by the Geneva Red Cross, which guarantees their skills. The missions at home, from 3 hours to several days, take place during the day.

The Chaperon Rouge service also offers childcare when the childcare method (nannies or parents) is not available, even if the child is in good health, for a short period of time. Chaperon Rouge childcare also intervenes when parents are ill. Fee is only 10 CHF per hour. 

Baby sitting service by student midwives
Day, evening and night affordable baby sitting by student midwives in the first few months after birth.

Marry Poppins - 022 Familles 

Alternative solution for childcare if you cannot find a space in crèche in Geneva. 022 Families, in collaboration with the Cantonal Employment Office, offers families an alternative solution for home-based childcare. A concrete solution for about 180 families per year.

Dr Tatiana Giraud
Gynaecologist who specialises in breastfeeding

Dr Alexanra Hillairet
Gynaecologist who specialises in perineal pain after birth

+41 22  870  95  95

Centre médical gare Cornavin


7 Place Cornavin 

1201 Geneve 

Dr Lucie Paolisso
Gynaecologist who specialises in breastfeeding and can prescribe Jack Newman's cream for sore nipples
+41 22 342 54 55
Centre médico-chirurgical des Acacias
19 Rue des Epinettes 
1227 Les Acacias


Dr Agnés Dahl Farhoumad
Paediatrician in Geneva recommended by many parents

+41 227359735

Cabinet de pédiatrie Rue Pedro-Meylan 1 Genève

Rue Pedro-Meylan 1
1208 Geneva

Aurelie Manuel

Doula and reflexologist

Lu Dolton
Personal trainer 
Lu is a personal trainer, specialised in pre and post natal fitness. English is her maternal language.

Fit Pregnancy Method

Fit Pregnancy Method is a Pre&Postnatal online workout program based on Pilates&Barre
The programme is divided into trimesters and based on exercises of Pilates, barre, pelvic floor, balance, toning and stretching. There are also specific lessons for back pain, round ligament pain, sciatic nerve, constipation, circulation, etc.

Social Media: instagram @fitpregnancymethod


Squeezy App

Squeezy is the multi-award winning app supporting people with their pelvic floor muscle exercise programmes.

Rebecca Wood
Parent-Infant Counselling,  psychological counsellor 

Sonia Hamroun
Physiotherapist who specialises in pelvic floor and abdominal separation 

Clomence Mudry
Physiotherapist who specialises in pelvic floor

+41 78 751 63 68émence%20Feller%20Mudry

Cphysio - Rive Thérapies
Feller Mudry Clémence
10 Rue du Vieux-Collège
1204 Genève

Rachel Colin-Jones

Paediatric nurse, health visitor, and parent who specialises in child brain development and infant mental health. Rachel offers Transition to Parenthood Antenatal Courses, Brain-Based Parenting Bootcamp, 1:1 Parenting Coaching, Baby Groups and Parenting Seminars. 

Charlotte PATCHELL

Trained Nurse, qualified Baby Sleep and Wellbeing Specialist, and mum of 3 with experience working with families in Switzerland and beyond.

Drugs and breastfeeding

You can check if the medication you are using or are just about to start is safe for breastfeeding.


SuperMamans, a network of volunteers from French-speaking Switzerland, ready to support new mothers after their newcomer (s) arrive with a home-made and healthy meal as well as a discussion time.

Petit marche

BUY & SELL quality second-hand items for your children

Tiny Talk

Learn to sign with your baby and help them communicate before they speak. 

Nadia Oulaby Photography
Nadia is a photographer who specialises in taking pictures of pregnant mums and their partners, labour and the early days with baby.

The HUB Geneva

The HUB has been created to help English-speaking families living and working in the Geneva area to connect locally, and feel that they belong within the local community.

Facebook pages to join:

Breastfeeding mamas in Switzerland

International mothers living in Switzerland (Human milk for human babies - sharing of breastmilk between mums)

Peanut App

Find friends and support.

This application will allow you to meet new friends who live close to you during fertility, pregnancy, motherhood and menopause. 

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