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Tongue-tie assessment and division

Frenulotomy (tongue-tie division)

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • CHF 340 - 400
  • Lefko medical practice, Route de Pré Bois 20, 1215, Genève

Service Description

Please call Lefko clinic to make an appointment 078 307 14 44. This consultation usually takes around an hour and half at the Lefko dental practice. includes: Full medical, birth and feeding history Full assessment of baby's mouth and sucking Tongue-function assessment Weighing baby (if needed) Review of latch Explanation of the procedure and its risks Tongue-tie division (frenulotomy) Explanation of post division exercises and what to watch out for Leaflet on what to expect after a tongue-tie division

Contact Details

+ 0041783317358

Located on the 1st floor Route de Pré-Marais 41, Bernex, Switzerland

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