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How do I increase my milk supply?

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

How to increase your milk supply will depend on what has caused low milk supply in the first place. However, milk removal is a crucial part of building a milk supply. It is necessary to remove milk frequently and completely to stimulate the production of more milk. You can achieve this by pumping frequently with an electric pump, by hand expressing milk, and by nursing frequently if the baby is able to nurse. For more information on pumping please see the article "Expressing/ increasing low milk supply".

Emptying the breasts

You can use your baby to empty the breast, which will increase your milk supply. Snuggle up with your baby on the sofa or bed with Netflix and eat, drink and breastfeed the whole weekend. Tell your friends and relatives that you are having a breastfeeding holiday for few days and you will not want to be disturbed. So many mums swear that it works.

However, that will only work if your baby is capable of draining the breast efficiently. If your baby is not latched on deeply on the breast or if your baby is making you sore or has a tongue-tie or any other abnormality, this method is not going to work. 

It is important to know that a baby  who is well latched on gets milk more easily than one who is not. A baby who is poorly latched on can get milk only when the flow of milk is rapid. 

In the first 3-6 weeks of life, many babies tend to fall asleep at the breast when the flow of milk is slow, not necessarily when they have had enough to eat and not because they are lazy or want to be pacified. After this age, they may start to pull away at the breast when the flow of milk slows down. However, some pull at the breast even when they are much younger, sometimes even in the first days and some babies fall asleep even at 3 or 4 months when the milk flow is slow.

If your baby is struggling to empty the breast breasts compressions will help.

Mum expressing her milk with an electric pump.


If you need to increase your milk production or your baby cannot feed directly from the breast or is not able to drain the breast efficiently then consider a double electric pump. It will be money well spend as double pumping will save you so much time and sleep. You can either buy (e.g. Medela swing maxi or Freestyle or Spectra S1 double breast pump) or hire (Medela Symphony breast pump). 

If you are expressing to increase milk production, or because your baby isn't yet feeding well at the breast, do it after of between feeds. Well-drained breasts will stimulate faster milk production. However, be aware that relying only on a pump alone might not be very efficient at emptying the breast efficiently.

For more information on pumping and emptying the breasts, please see the article "Expressing/ increasing low milk supply."

Healthy balanced diet

Please don't over worry about super healthy balanced diet, but don't go for prolonged periods without food and feeling hungry. Try to snack on healthy food like nuts, oat bars, fruit, and vegetable, rather than biscuits, sweets, chocolates and crisps. 

There are certain foods and herbs which may help to increase your milk supply:



Carrot, beet, yam

Dark green leafy vegetable

Grains and legumes:






Mung beans





Macadamia nuts

Eat raw, not roasted or salted

Food for breastfeeding

Healthy fats and oils:

Olive oil, flaxseed oil, sesame oil


Coconut oil

Eliminate hydrogenated vegetable oils